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Solar Panel Cleaning & Washing in San Diego and Southern California

Residential Solar Cleaning 

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning San Diego
 Commercial Solar Cleaning

 Commercial Solar Cleaning San Diego
Solar Clearing

Solar Clearing San Diego
Solar Maintenance 

Solar Maintenance San Diego

Solar Panel Cleaning and Washing | (833) 498-0932

Commercial and Residential Solar Panel Cleaning San Diego

Thank you for visiting Shine Up Solar of San Diego! Shine Up Solar is the premier commercial and residential solar panel cleaning provider in the greater San Diego area including Chula Vista, Carlsbad and beyond! Due to our explosive growth in cleaning solar panels over the past three years, Shine Up Solar has expanded our commercial and residential solar cleaning territory to include areas beyond San Diego including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside and even Nevada and Phoenix.

So, why is it important to keep your solar panels clean?

Research has shown that dirty solar panels run hotter and work harder which contributes to a reduction of power output and also impacts the life of your panels. Accumulation of pollen, leaves, dust, wild fire debris, bird droppings, daily emissions and other debris all affects the panels and lowers their efficiency significantly over time. By contracting commercial and residential solar panel cleaning in San Diego on a regular basis you can expect to see an increased energy output of 20-66%. For instance, your panels will run at a 95-100% performance level with monthly cleanings. The regularity with which you choose to have your panels cleaned is up to you - we offer our cleaning services on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis. We recommend cleaning your solar panels on a monthly basis to reach peek panel performance and 100% energy output.

Shine Up Solar of San Diego is an advocate for the environment and uses only certified “green” cleaning solutions to clean your solar panels. The green cleaning solution we use is specifically designed to keep your solar panels cleaner for a longer length of time. Shine Up Solar does not use any chemicals or soaps that may harm or damage your panels.

Beyond Solar Panel Cleaning Services

In addition to providing high quality solar panel cleaning services in San Diego, Shine Up Solar also offers professional window cleaning, gutter cleaning and bird-proofing services to our clients (both commercial and residential solar panels). There is no task too big or too small for Shine Up Solar - our priority is to make our clients happy!

Here at Shine Up Solar of San Diego, we believe that “cleaner is greener” and we want that message to resonate with our customers and community. Most people are not even aware that their solar panels should be cleaned on a regular basis to receive the optimum output. So, if your solar panels have been neglected and are in need of some “shining up”, please give us a call today for a FREE quote on commercial solar panel cleaning or residential solar panel cleaning in San Diego! We would love to serve you.

Please feel free to contact us by phone at (833) 498-0932

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