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Solar Panel Cleaning for Education

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Solar Panel Cleaning for Education

Commercial Solar Cleaning for Education

The Shine Up Solar commercial solar panel cleaning division is proud to be a part of the education community in California. Without the efforts of School Districts like Irvine, Palm Springs, Mater Dei and LA Unified, Junior Colleges like Harbor, East LA, College of the Desert, CSU Bakersfield, Dominguez Hills, and University of CA Irvine our state and nation's future would not be as bright. These are just some of our customers  that we provide commercial solar panel cleaning for in Southern California. These schools and many more to come have committed to the foundation of clean renewable energy for our future and we are honored to service their solar electric panels.

Focusing on Solar Panel Cleaning for Education

Shine Up Solar has been focusing on explosive growth over the last three years we have grown at an exponential rate in cleaning commercial solar panels in the greater San Diego area. We have acquired many customers, but some of the ones we are most proud of our the San Diego School Districts, Junior Colleges, and Universities. We believe that education in cleaning commercial solar panels is the key to our mission. We want all people to realize that renewable energies are smart for their own finances, smart for our stability as a community and nation, and good for the air and water that we all breathe and drink. It is not about politics on the left or the right anymore. It is about our neighbors to the left and the right. What type of earth are we going to leave for our children and our grandchildren?

We clean solar panels and this reduces the carbon offset of each system

When we wash the dirt and debris from the glass surface that covers the silicon photovoltaic (PV) wafer it allows the sunlight to penetrate unabated to the PV wafer where the magic happens. To give a lay person summary of what is happening in this process... The sun light is carrying photon packets, and in these photon packets are inherent extra electrons. The PV wafer is missing these electrons and in essence acts like a strainer and sifts the electrons from the photon packets. These excess electrons are harvested by corralling them and herding them down the metallic freeways to the main wires, to the inverter and finally into your houses outlets or back on to the grid as a credit to use later.

If there is dirt covering the solar panel then that means less of these photon packets get to your PV wafer. As a result your system offsets less electricity you have to purchase from the grid. When you purchase more electricity from the grid you are purchasing electricity that was primarily created using fossil fuels such as natural gas, coal, diesel fuel, other dirty fuel sources such as nuclear. This is why commercial solar panel cleaning is crucial in the greater San Diego area.